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Wiply Rewards is Wiply’s referral program. It lets users earn real-time rewards (credits to be used in the platform) by simply inviting their friends to join Wiply. To start earning, all you have to do is invite all your friends to join Wiply using the top menu invite option (it will include your unique invitation code / referral link in the email sent).
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Yes! The referral program is open to all our new and old users.

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No. All you need is a valid Wiply profile and friends who have not joined Wiply. Now you can start inviting and earning!

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No. Any user who has ever had a Wiply profile will be considered an existing user and will only be allowed to refer their friends, not join as a new registered user.

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You can find your unique referral link or invite code in the activity page of the Wiply Credits Transactions page

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Usually, every user on the platform should be able to find their referral link in the Credits Transaction pageitself.

If you’re unable to find the link, it could be because of a spam account suspicion, in which case, you will be deemed ineligible to participate in Wiply Rewards.

It is also possible you could be facing some network connectivity issues, which you can check your network and try again.

In the worst case, your account could have been disqualified for violating one of our community guidelines.

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No. In fact, we encourage every user to invite as many new users as they can, but not exceed it in respect of spam policies of different countries.

However, in certain countries such as Egypt, Morocco, and Pakistan, you can only invite up to 100 new users per day.

All new and referred accounts will be monitored for suspicious activity by the risk control system in our platform.

Our warm suggestion is to invite up to 50/60 new users max per day.

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Users creating another profile using their alternative number/email id/phone will be considered a scam account.

Those accounts will be barred from participating in Wiply Rewards and will not be able to access the activities page.

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It’s mandatory for the new user (your friend) to sign-up using the link received in email (if you invite them through the platform invitation system) or the referral link you have sent to them within 24 hours. Failing to do so will mean that you both will miss out on the invitation rewards.

However, you can still access the activities page and keep earning rewards based on posting videos, images, status updates, liking posts and commenting them milestones.

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Although the validity of these rewards is currently infinite, in the future, Wiply may impose an expiry date on these rewards as and when deemed fit. In such a scenario, users will be informed well in advance.

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